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How to join this forum.
« on: March 06, 2010, 03:18:02 PM »
Some things to know before joining.

You must use a valid email address.  The forum sends a validation link by email to confirm you are a real person and that you used a real email address.  If you do not receive this email you will not be able to enter this forum.

Add to your safe senders list for your email account before signing up please.  We are not responsible for problems caused by your spam blockers.

Be careful typing in your email address.  Most of the bounced email notifications we get are due to simple mistakes such as typing ".con" instead of ".com" in your email address.

An administrator will review your account and must approve it before your activation email is sent to you.  This may take several hours to several days.

Read the user agreement when registering don't just quick scan it.  There is information there you need to know.

If you still have problems contact us at the email address above.
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