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« on: May 11, 2018, 08:44:14 PM »
A lot of stuff has been moved over from the STM-HD store, so please check the set numbers before ordering so you don't buy stuff you have already ordered. I have also added some new stuff from Maria and Ember.
Also as some of you have discovered, a bug in this version of the cart causes links to files to break from time to time. They are aware and working on it, meantime if you order something that has a broken link let me know via email and I'll fix it. And please use the contact email on the site rather than reply to your receipt. Sorry, I don't make these carts, I just use them. New stuff can be found at and buy a bunch. Orders over $25 automatically get a 10% discount. 
And as of 15 May I have added several of the sets from STM-HD (tonight several sets from Bridget and Daphne) as well as a new set from Bridget and second set from Ember. The Ember set will not appear on STM.
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