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TrueTeenBabes Blog Posts
« on: June 05, 2014, 04:45:11 PM »
I've recently started writing out a couple of blogs related to the teen model scene, including models above and below age 18. I hope to update them at least once a week and welcome your suggestions for topics you would like to read about in more detail.

The first blog is about models and websites from the photographer's point of view. It discusses basics about the teen girls, shooting photos, running websites and the dynamics between all involved. You can find that blog at

It also have a "Latest News" page with some updates on former models and others I stay in touch with, and a Contact" page for those wishing to ask questions or send along suggestions for blog topics.

The next blog is more about business and legal experiences surrounding the pretty girl website business. Fakers that cause issues for us by pretending to be a TrueTeenBabes photographer, the massive piracy issues, real life stories using real names, links to documents and more. That blog can be found at (yes, use the middle initial "S" please).

Note - As of September 2016 I haven't been able to post at this spot. Most of the damn legal shit, like lawsuit settlements, contain these silly "Non-Disparagement" clauses that prevent me from telling much of the crap some dingbats pull or at least try to pull. I'll try to et something entertaining up soon.

I separated the blogs so that those interested in models but not those legal concepts wouldn't be left out.

Again, feel free to send me suggestions using the email feature on this site.

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